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Smartcall has a long track record working with organisations of all sizes to deliver advanced cost effective call recording solutions. We have partnerships and connectivity with all leading telephony suppliers and our products have been chosen by leading organisations in the UK, Europe and USA.

Smartcall Voice-Net software and systems provide CTI Driven, Active and Passive recording for all leading VoIP telephony, UC and Mobility platforms as well as supporting the full range of TDM and ISDN interfaces.

CRM and Dialler integration is provided using Smartcall Voice-Net API with integration support always available from our friendly customer service team.

We aim to provide our customers with a future proof call recording solution that meets the exact needs of their business, provides an excellent return on investment and that is backed up by our first class customer service.

Smartcall has Connectivity and Development Partnerships with leading Telephony/UC platforms, including:

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A Quick Guide to Call Recording

Smartcall Voice-Net is a call recording solution for 5 to 5,000 users and is available as software only or as a complete solution including server hardware. Designed and built using Microsoft technology, Voice-Net recorders operate in standard network environments and run on standard server platforms including VMware.

Voice-Net recorders have connectivity with the widest range of telephony and UC platforms and provide call recording for VoIP and TDM based systems. The choice of leading organisations, Smartcall Voice-Net recorders are secure (all recording are 256bt encrypted) and are FCA and PCI DSS compliant. Smartcall Voice-Net recorders are used by SME’s with a basic recording requirement through to multi-site enterprises requiring CRM integration and centralised storage.

FCA Compliance
Smartcall Voice-Net recorders provide all of the features required by organisations whose businesses are regulated by the FCA, including those mandated by the latest European standard MiFID II.

Recordings made using Smartcall Voice-Net are 256bt encrypted, user access is restricted through roles based security and all replay activities are logged to an Audit trail. Recordings can be archived to multiple locations to ensure they are available for 5 years as specified by the latest regulations. + More about FCA compliance


Search & Replay
Finding and playing recordings is quick and efficient using the intuitive OneView browser interface. Users are provided with a wide range of criteria to allow specific recordings to be located and played. Easy to use, OneView has a host of features designed to enable users to manage large volumes of recordings and through roles based security and an Audit trail of user activity, control access to recordings. + More about OneView








CRM Integration
Integration between Voice-Net call recording software and customer CRM systems is achieved using the Smartcall Voice-Net API. The API is provided with sample code to ensure easy integration.The Smartcall Voice-Net API provide a range of functions to allow the recording process, including Muting for PCI DSS compliance, to be controlled by a CRM while information related to the call being recorded is provided for storage in the customer records. Likewise the API enables customer information from the CRM to be stored in the Voice-Net database for enhanced searches based on business data. For example customers may be found by name or policy number. More About CRM integration


PCI DSS Compliance
Smartcall Voice-Net call recording solutions provide a broad range of feature options to enable PCI DSS regulated organisations to achieve and maintain compliance. Smartcall recorders, including VoIP recording software, provide a range of tools that “mute or pause” the recording process while sensitive card data is taken. The muting process can be controlled using the easy to install Smartcall Intelligent Desktop software or through integration with customer CRM systems using the Smartcall Voice-Net API. + More About PCI DSS Compliance







Quality Monitoring and Agent Assessment
Agent training and performance feedback are often cited as key factors for optimising Call Centre performance and call recording is a key component in the Agent monitoring process. Smartcall Voice-Net Assessor is designed to provide Call Centre managers with comprehensive tools to manage the Agent assessment process. + More about Quality Monitoring






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Smartcall are an ethical UK company with over 10 years’ experience in Software Application Development, Systems Integration and Support of Customer Contact Technologies. Our specialisation is Call Recording software which we market as Smartcall Voice-Net. Voice-Net is available as a complete system including hardware or as software only. We put great value on customer service and satisfaction and have an open consultative approach to customers. Our philosophy is to first work with you to fully understand your Customer Contact needs and then provide you a first class, future proof solution, backed up by our first class proactive customer support. Where required our Solutions combine Smartcall software applications with products from selected world class manufactures and service providers. We aim to deliver Customer Contact solutions that empower your customer engagement whatever your business type, size or contact methods


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