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Integrating Smartcall Voice-Net Software With Your CRM

Smartcall Voice-Net Software API provides high level tools for integration with CRM systems and Diallers to provide seamless operation and maximum business efficiency.

Smartcall Voice-Net recorder API support the latest Microsoft technologies and is delivered with sample applications to allow integration to be completed easily without the need for complex software development and protracted project timescales. We are, of course, always on hand to discuss your requirements and support you during the integration project if needed. Discuss how your business can maximise it’s efficiency with integrated software, message us online.

Typical integrations:

  • Call Recording Start – Stop controlled by Dialler applications
  • Call Recording Start – Stop controlled by CRM applications
  • Mute – Pause recording controlled through CRM for PCI DSS compliance
  • Screen Pop CRM records using incoming CLI passed to the CRM application
  • Transfer of Business Data from CRM system to the Call Recorder database
  • Transfer of Call Recording file ID for storage in a CRM system

Playback Recordings from your CRM system with Voice-Net Software

Smartcall Voice-Net call recorder API, has features to allow call recording playback to be launched directly from your CRM system.

When a telephone call recording is made the call recording ID is passed to the CRM system and stored as a Hyperlink command with the customer’s information. To listen to the call recording the Hyperlink is clicked. This has the effect of launching and prepositioning Smartcall OneView on the required call recording. All access security is retained and therefore OneView will only present the recording for playback if the user has permissions to listen to it. This approach provides a powerful addition to your CRM system without the need to transfer files or compromise on data protection and call recording security.

 Smartcall Call Recording can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM systems to deliver tangible business benefit and excellent return on investment.

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