Smartcall Services and GDPR

In response to GDPR regulations that have come into force Smartcall can confirm that none of the services (Services) we supply to any of our Customers involves us transferring or processing personal data (as defined in GDPR) on their behalf.

It should be noted that the Voice-Net Call Recording systems we supply do allow our Customers to transfer and process personal data (as defined in GDPR) themselves however none of the Services we supply to support these systems involve us processing personal data.

Therefore you do not need to take any action under GDPR regarding these Services.

It is worth noting that we do store information regarding individuals within a Customer however such information is restricted to Name, Title, telephone and email address and is used to contact those individuals when a business issue concerning these Services arise. The legal basis for this is covered by the contract and consent provisions of Article 6.

We can confirm that Smartcall is compliant with GDPR.

If you need further information from Smartcall concerning GDPR then please contact Mike Baker on or telephone 01753 837700.

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