As many of you know VoIP telephony is now becoming more popular than traditional ISDN. There are many reasons for this, the key one being the difference in price. There is also a major improvement in resilience with VoIP that ISDN just can’t match. Other benefits of VoIP telephony include:

  • Cheaper
  • Higher Call Quality
  • Telephone number flexibility
  • Location variable
  • Can handle large call volumes

More and more UK businesses (including large call centres) are beginning to roll out VoIP telephony as a replacement to their old ISDN lines. But where does this leave them with call recording?

SMARTCALL VoIP Phone Recording Software Offers Seamless Integration

At SMARTCALL we have been recording VoIP call recording telephony for over 5 years. Our unique customer driven approach along with our in house development team means we can make slight alterations to our software (if needed) to make sure our VoIP Call Recording Solution fits in seamlessly with any existing telephony and business practices. We are currently recording all the major switch manufacturers including; Mitel, Avaya, Aastra, Cisco, Siemens, Samsung and Toshiba.

SMARTCALL VoIP Call Recording allows us to present various call data to the end user, including:

  • CLI
  • DDI
  • Agent Name
  • Call Duration
  • Call Time
  • Agent Department

All this information is presented using our intuitive SMARTCALL OneView web based search and replay tool. All SMARTCALL SIP Call Recording solutions can be completely PCI DSS compliant using our state of the art recorder control functionality.

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To talk to a member of the SMARTCALL solutions team and to find out more about VoIP call recording solutions please call 01753 837703. An experienced and highly knowledgeable SMARTCALL customer services representative will be on hand to provide additional information and to answer any questions.

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