Smartcall are experts when it comes to supporting your business through call recording. Call recording can be crucial for training purposes, proof against claims and data collection, however, it can also be expensive.

At Smartcall, we pride ourselves on our reasonably priced packages, suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.

Why Smartcall?

We know that every business is different, so we are flexible to facilitate all systems. Our aim is to make call recording as easy as possible for you. Smartcall Voice-Net is compatible with all leading telephony, contact centre and UC platforms, to ensure that we can successfully support your work environment without any hassle or disruption to the employees.


Cost is an important factor to any business owner, large or small, so we are determined to provide brilliant prices on high quality solutions. Our VN 5.0 SIP Call Recording Software starts at £1,800 for 10 users. We can also provide PCI DSS Application Licences to ensure that your business complies with the most up to date call recording legislation.

In order to create a full no-obligation quote for your business, we just ask a few details such as the quantity of users and your current telephony solution. Then our team can determine the best package for your business, employees and customers. Our reasonable pricing also includes Stand Guard, which is an amazing on-going customer service policy. We have a first call resolution policy, fixing 95% of all customer issues in their first point of contact. This can also be upgraded to Tailor Guard, a bespoke customer support service with guaranteed fix times and around the clock cover.

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If you are interested in our call recording products or packages for your business, get in touch today. You can contact us online and one of our advisers will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you want to discuss any aspect of Smartcall in more detail, call our sales team on 01753837703.


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