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VoIP, Trunk and Mobile Recording

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FCA & PCI DSS Compliant

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CRM Integration

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Agent Assessment and Quality Management

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Smartcall Voice-Net Call Recording Solution

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Smartcall Voice-Net is a powerful FCA and PCI DSS compliant call recording solution. Future proof and expandable, Smartcall Voice-Net call recording solutions are used by leading UK organisations in the widest range of business environments including mission critical transport control rooms, large multi-site call centres and single offices or departments.

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“Your product is superb and so is your customer service. We have already received a big return on investment and I would recommend every recruitment consultancy should invest in this equipment. I would highly recommend your company and would like to say thank you for helping me to grow my business.”

Jane Houghton

Managing Director – Future Recruitment Ltd

Call Recording API Integration

Smartcall Voice-Net Call Recording products are based on a single suite of call recording software that has been continually developed, enhanced and refined over the past 10 years. Used by leading organisations in the UK, Europe and the USA and designed for use by all sizes and types of organisation, Smartcall Voice-Net is suitable for recording from 5 to 5,000 channels in a single location or across multiple sites.

Smartcall Voice-Net has connectivity with all leading Telephony and UC platforms, is both FCA and PCI DSS compliant  and we support the widest range of recording methods including Active and Passive VoIP as well as Trunk and Extension tapping for TDM systems. Our powerful future proof product suite is available as software only for use on customer supplied servers or VMware, or as a total solution including server hardware. Used in mission critical control room environments, our solutions employ a distributed, highly resilient architecture. Recordings are stored with 256Bit Encryption and access for replay is restricted by customer configured roles based security.

CRM and Dialer integration is provided through the Voice-Net API. Designed to enable easy integration the Voice-Net API includes commands to allow the recording process to be controlled by external applications such as Power Dialers and CRM systems. Find out how SmartCall provide seamless CRM and Dialer integration

  • Secure Encrypted and Tamperproof recordings for 5 to 5,000 channels
  • Highly resilient distributed architecture
  • Compatibility with all leading Telephony and UC platforms
  • Active and Passive VoIP recording including generic SIP environments utilising VoIP/SIP Call Recording Software
  • Full connectivity with legacy systems, ISDN 30, Analogue Trunks plus Digital and Analogue Extensions.
  • API for Dialer and CRM integration
  • Easy to use Search and Replay and Quality Monitoring tools

Fully Compliant Recording Software

Smartcall Voice-Net Call Recording solutions provide the secure recording environments required to comply with FCA regulations including the emerging MiFID II European Directive due for introduction in 2017.  Recordings are stored with Encryption (256bt) and each recording file carries a unique Tamper proofing code. Long term storage (5 years under MiFID II) of recordings is provided through the SMARTCALL Voice-Net Archiver allowing multiple copies to be retained. Access to recordings for replay is controlled through roles based security and all instances are logged by user on the easily accessible audit trail. The Financial Conduct Authority have now changed the rules regarding FCA Compliance.

Smartcall Voice-Net call recording solutions provide a broad range of feature options to enable organisations taking credit card payments to meet PCI DSS regulations while recording their calls. Simply put, recordings must not contain the 3 digit (CVV) security code in order to meet the PCI DSS requirements.

To achieve this Smartcall Voice-Net “mutes” the recording process while card details are taken. This results in a full length recording with a “tick tone” replacing the speech during the sensitive period in the call.

Smartcall Intelligent Desktop is a flexible easy to install application that provides out of the box features to trigger “muting” such as Active Window Mute, DTMF tone detection and OCR screen scrape. For fully integrated CRM and payment applications Smartcall Voice-Net API provides high level integration tools including sample applications.

Secure and Compliant Recording

“Smartcall delivered a simple cost effective solution that integrated fully with our existing phone system. The system is fully scalable to meet the needs of our expanding business.”

Terry Jurd

Support IT Manager – Thomas Sanderson

Search and Replay - Smartcall OneView Application

SMARTCALL OneView runs in a browser and is the primary user interface allowing call recordings to be located and replayed quickly and easily. OneView is designed with the user in mind and provides a logical intuitive interface that is easy to use.

OneView has powerful search capabilities and a host of tools that help users quickly find, replay and share recordings with colleagues. Designed to help the user, OneView has a number of shortcut tools that speed up the search and replay process. These include quick searches such as retrieve “my last 10 calls”. Other features include “who has listened to this call”, saved searches to easily run regular tasks and secure email for sharing call recordings with others.

OneView uses Roles Based Security to apply restrictions to the replay of recordings ensuring that users can only replay the recordings that they are authorised to listen too. Individual restrictions can be easily set by the Administrator on a per-user basis and an Audit Trail Logs user and administrator activities.

Smartcall Assessor User Interface

Smartcall Assessor is a powerful management tool for improving both individual Agent and overall Call Centre performance.

Assessor has been designed to specifically address the challenges faced by businesses that operate a Call Centre. Assessor is a comprehensive, easy to use tool that is designed to operate and report across all management levels. Through the combination of flexible assessment processes and powerful reporting tools, Assessor enables Campaigns to be planned and implemented with predetermined goals and KPI’s.

When planning Campaigns business managers can create questionnaires and assessment criteria that compare agent achievements against the predicted performance levels. During the Campaign, Assessor allows training needs, script or sales message changes to be highlighted in real time.

To ensure that the appropriate number of assessments are carried out and that all assessments are fair and equitable, Assessor provides rules based assessment scheduling and completion reporting.

Smartcall Assessor’s reporting tools provide powerful Business Intelligence, showing Call Centre performance against KPI’s as well as individual Agent and Team performance and highlighted training needs

Avoid Losing Money with Call Recording Solutions

With Smartcall’s innovative call recording solutions, you won’t be left wondering if an accusation made by a client about an employee is true as you can listen back to past phone calls and pinpoint when conversations go wrong, thereby potentially avoiding a tarnished reputation. It also means that you can reassure customers as they know their phone calls can assist them should they need anything in the future. Call tracking also means that your company can’t get orders that have been made over the telephone wrong as you may listen back and verify requests. Choose Smartcall for call recording support.

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