Smartcall Assessor is a management feature of our Smartcall recording solution that has been specifically designed to help improve call centre performance.

With incredible features at your fingertips, users of the Smartcall Assessor are able to create tasks, questionnaires and campaigns to ensure that your standards are being met throughout the company.

Benefits of Smartcall Assessor

The Smartcall Assessor is a great feature which operates and reports across all management levels, with powerful tools that can be utilised to your centre’s specific requirements. It works in real time to allow script or sales message changes to be updated and distributed to its users as soon as they are implemented. Managers are also able to create their own assessment processes and KPIs within the interface, and to make sure they are fair, Assessor provides rule-based assessments and completion reporting.

The Assessor tool bolts on to Smartcall’s Voice-Net and allows its users to collate data from every day calls, so you can compare it to the required standard or predicted results you expect from your centre. Individual Agents can benefit from Assessor as their performance data is collected and users can clearly see areas which might need any improvement. It can also help with training as new members of your team can always see the information they need and the targets that they should be meeting.

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Call recording is a great tool in any business or call centre, as it means you can be sure that your employees are following compliance procedures and upkeeping the ethos of your business. Smartcall’s Voice-Net recording solutions gives you the tools for your business’ call centre to thrive. See our call recording solutions here.

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