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Call Recording Software for SIP Telephony

Smartcall Voice-Net SIP recorders are specifically designed for businesses that use generic SIP telephony and require enterprise class call recording. Voice-Net SIP solutions can operate on the customer premises or in a Cloud to deliver secure private storage and archiving of recordings. Our SIP solution is easy to install and designed to work with both Cloud and premises based Telephony and UC platforms. Available as software only to run on customer servers or VMware environments or as a complete system, Smartcall Voice-Net SIP provides compliant call recording software for 5 to 500 users and can operate across the enterprise with multiple sites and centralised archiving of recordings.

Call Recording Systems for SIP Telephony

SIP Telephony Call Recording Software Key Features & FAQ’s

How does it work?

Smartcall Voice-Net SIP recorders use Port Mirroring or Spanning to deliver the telephone network traffic to the SIP recorder. This common technology can be implemented using your existing network routers or by simply adding a Smartcall SIP TAP into your network. The SIP TAP is connected between your IP PBX and your network router. This simple “plug and play” approach enables all telephony traffic to be sent to Voice-Net and with built in pass through fail over your network connectivity is always ensured. Installation of Voice-Net SIP is designed to be straight forward. Software is downloaded and installation uses a single MSI. Once the record is licensed the extensions that require recording are simply added using the intuitive administration interface. Find out more about our telephony recording solution, contact us online.

Will I be able to find my recordings easily?

Voice-Net SIP uses Smartcall OneView our intuitive and easy to use search and replay tool.  Running in your browser, OneView provides a host of features and tools that enable specific call recordings to be found easily. Regular searches are easily saved for individual private use or as Public for other users to access. Roles based security ensures that authorised personnel can only replay recordings for which they have permission. OneView provides users a range of time saving features and enhanced information such as a history of each recording playback, the ability to add notes and to categorise recordings for easy of management. Sharing recordings is a simple task, just select the recordings to be shared and click “email” to send them to colleagues or customers along with all of the call and business data available for that recording. Learn more about Smartcall OneView Recording Solution.

Can I take credit card payments and be PCI DSS compliant?

Smartcall Voice-Net SIP recorders are PCI DSS compliance ready. Using the optional PCI module any Windows desktop used for taking credit card details can be made PCI compliant using Active Window Mute. This automated process will “mute” the recording process automatically while the payment window is open.  Recordings are full length with a comfort “tick tone” used to replace the voice during Credit Card processing. Calls that have been muted are easily identified in the OneView search and replay tool. Find out about PCI Compliance

How many channels can Voice-Net Record?

Voice-Net SIP software is suitable for all sizes and types of organisation. From the SME requiring 5 extensions to be recorded to the large Enterprise with hundreds of extensions on site or spread across multiple sites. The flexibility of Voice Net SIP software ensures your organisation’s telephony requirements are always met, make sure to discuss your specifications with Smartcall. Arrange a callback at your convenience by contacting Smartcall online.

Is Smartcall Voice-Net FCA compliant and  MiFID II ready?

To comply with the emerging FCA compliance regulations including MiFID ll, Voice-Net SIP recordings are stored with 256bt encryption, tamper proofed and have their replay access controlled and history retained to provide an activity Audit trail. To ensure compliance with MiFID ll, which requires recordings to be retained for 5 years, Smartcall Voice-Net SIP customers are provided with access to software upgrades free of charge ensuring that their recorder keeps pace with technology changes such as Microsoft Windows operating systems version updates. Ensure you are meeting FCA compliant call recording.

Can I provide my own Server?

Voice-Net SIP is available to run on customer provided servers or VMWare or it can be purchased as a complete solution including server hardware. The Voice-Net SIP application software can be downloaded and installed by your IT personnel or Telecoms partner. If you prefer you can use Smartcall’s installation services. The minimum server specification is below. However, for larger systems or questions about server specifications please email support@smartcall.com or call the team on +441753 837700.

Is Voice-Net a future proof solution?

As many organisations are either required to or choose to retain recordings for several years, it is important to ensure the call recording solution is maintained and keeps up to date with operating system changes. Smartcall Voice-Net SIP is annually licenced to ensure customers have access to software upgrades and product support during its lifetime. Access to the latest version of the software is free and our ISO 9001 certified customer support team is always on hand to resolve any technical issues.

Can Voice-Net integrate with my CRM system?

Smartcall Voice-Net SIP recorders provide an API for CRM integration. API functionality includes call information associated with the recording and also allows business data from the CRM to be stored in the Voice-Net database. Live recording control is also available through the API allowing the CRM to stop and start recordings and cause a “mute” for PCI DSS compliance purposes or the exclusion of confidential elements of the conversation being recorded. Playback of recordings can be from CRM records. To achieve this Voice-Net API provides the unique recording ID for storage by the CRM in a URL format. Playback is achieved through the URL which launches Smartcall OneView with the required recording preselected for playback. Permissions are persisted so that only authorised personnel can play the recording. Find out how Smartcall will provide your CRM Integration solution

Can I record multiple sites and remote workers?

Smartcall SIP will record all telephone extensions, internal or external, as long as the network traffic passes through a router or data switch that can be spanned or port mirrored to the recorder. For larger multi-site configurations individual Voice-Net SIP nodes can be installed on site and configured to post recording to a central transaction store for archiving. Smartcall will be in touch to discuss your multi site recording needs when you contact us online.

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