If you are considering integrating call recording solutions with your business CRM and business applications then it pays to do your research and source the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your business. Here at SMARTCALL we provide market leading call recording solutions designed around your business’ individual needs.

Seamlessly Integrate the Software with Existing Systems

SMARTCALL software can seamlessly be integrated with existing applications; this eliminates the need for complex software development and overhaul. This means that call recording playback functions can be accessed directly from your existing CRM systems.

Once recorded the recording is then stored as a hyperlink, clicking on this hyperlink launches the innovative SMARTCALL interface, OneView. Only users with permissions granted by an administrator can access certain information and recordings for security and to comply with data protection legislation. The OneView interface is designed to run in a browser and allows for easy search and replay of recordings as well as a range of other call recording related functions. Designed in a way that is easy for the user to navigate and understand, no training is necessary. The API user call recording software from SMARTCALL is a two way protocol that gives the user control over the process. In the interest of auditing and ensuring that the recorded data is used within legislative guidelines, access to data is recorded. Learn more about the call recording software.

The software is also provides PCI compliant call recording.

Interested in Market Leading Call Recording Solutions?

Call recording solutions provide endless benefits when it comes to business efficiency and accuracy and can help with the induction of new employees. Calls can be reviewed to ensure that all the gathered verbal information is correct; this could mean personal details or quantities where orders over the phone might take place. If you are interested in market leading call recording solutions from SMARTCALL you can contact us on 01753 837714 or fill out the contact form featured on our website and a SMARTCALL representative will contact you.

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