Business Telephony

VoIP Business Telephony

VoIP Telephony Systems provide modern flexible solutions for organisations of all sizes and are supported and managed by our ISO 9000 certified customer support team.

Cloud Managed Services

Voice communication is moving into a new era of convergence. To ensure they stay with the pace, organisations of all sizes are choosing Cloud Managed Services to deliver and maintain their business telephony.

Unified Multi-site Telephony Solutions

VoIP telephony delivers huge benefits to organisations with multiple offices or outlets. Unified Business Telephony is now cost effective and delivers a wide range of operational benefits.

Integrated Call Recording

SMARTCALL PCI DSS and FCA compliant Call Recording solutions are used by leading organisations in the UK, Europe and the USA and are also integrated into our Business Telephony systems.

VoIP Telephony

Future Proof Your Business

Smartcall Managed Services ensure your business enjoys the benefits provided by the latest VoIP telephone system’s. Our solutions are cost effective, resilient, future proof and are fully supported by our first class customer service team.

Available in the cloud or on premise and suitable for any size organization, Smartcall will guide you to the solution that is the perfect fit for your business needs.


SMARTCALL Business Telephony

Our solutions use the latest VoIP technology to deliver advanced features that can dramatically improve working methods and Customer Communications. Designed to work with any size or type of organisation, from the 2 person home office worker through to multi-site enterprises our solutions are a platform for convergence into the evolving mobility and distributed working methods.

We understand that technology is a business tool for our customers to use. That’s why we spend time to understand your current Customer Contact requirements and work with you to ensure that the technology delivers the maximum business advantage both today and into the future.

  • Managed by our friendly customer support team
  • Naturally resilient solutions with integral disaster recovery
  • Easily create a scalable distributed/multi-site telephony environment
  • Integrated office, home working and mobile communications
  • Supports BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • Geographical anonymity – Choose your telephone numbers
  • One stop shop for all telephony and network services

Cloud Managed Service

SMARTCALL Cloud Managed Services provide businesses with advanced VoIP Telephony solutions delivered as a service on a fixed cost basis. Designed to provide your business the communication tools it needs with the minimum of internal IT input. Suitable for all sizes and types of business SMARTCALL Cloud Managed VoIP Telephony delivers a modern communications environment that is cost effective and flexible.

  • Advanced VoIP Telephony system and features
  • Cost effective, fixed price paid monthly
  • SIP Trunking with fixed price call bundles
  • Muti-site, home office and mobility
  • Integrated PCI DSS Call Recording with private storage
  • Tax efficient through reduced capital outlay

Unified Multi-site Telephony Solutions

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony is revolutionising the way many multi-site organisations handle their customer contact. Previously expensive to deliver inter-site connectivity is now achievable at a fraction of the costs.

Organisations can know view all sites and on site extensions as one system. Calls can be easily flowed between sites to handle peaks in traffic of temporary reductions in staffing levels. Companies operating a skills matrix can set up virtual groups allowing customers to reach the correctly skilled or qualified person.

For businesses where local presence is important, Geographical Number Anonymity is available. Even if a call is taken in a different office the answering person will be aware which office was called.

Unified Multi-Site Telephony offers a wide range of cost reductions and efficiency opportunities whilst enhancing your Customer Service levels.

Integrated Call Recording

SMARTCALL Call Recording solutions are FCA and PCI DSS compliant. Used by many leading organisations SMARTCALL Call Recorders provide high quality digital, 256 bit Encrypted and Tamperproof recordings.

The SMARTCALL recorder can be delivered as a fully integrated solution with both our Cloud managed and Premises based VoIP Business Telephony systems. Designed to meet the widest range of Call Recording requirements, from simple blanket recording with temporary storage to selective controlled recording with Private Archive and Storage, our solution all use our easy to use SMARTCALL OneView search and replay tool.

SMARTCALL Call Recording solutions offer a fully integrated Enterprise level recording option for VoIP Business Telephony users.

  • Fully integrated Enterprise level recording
  • FCA and PCI DSS compliant
  • Available as part of our SMARTCALL Managed Services
  • Powerful, easy to use search and replay
  • Private Storage of Encrypted Recordings
  • Agent Assessment and Quality monitoring tools
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