Don’t let PCI DSS requirements stop you recording your calls

There can be massive benefits to recording calls for every type of organisation. Recording your businesses calls is the only guaranteed way of knowing what was said, promised and or committed to by your staff and your customers.

So, what happens if you are taking credit card payments over the phone as part of your business process? The PCI DSS requirements stipulate the way that recording systems should handle recording of card data to ensure that your customer’s data is protected.

What can be recorded in the workplace?

The requirements are not particularly onerous provided you have the right call recording technology as shown in the table, which is an extract from “A merchants guide to payment security in voice recording” published by Worldpay.

Smartcall Voice-Net call recording solutions provide the widest range of tools to enable businesses to meet the PCI DSS requirements for call recording. Smartcall Intelligent Desktop software is an easy to install and configure application that runs on the agents desktop to provide both automated and, where required, manual control of the call recording process.

Intelligent Desktop controls the call recording process to ensure that credit card details are not recorded whenever a credit card payment screen is accessed by an agent. In addition all Smartcall Voice-Net recordings are 256bit encrypted and tamperproofed and access to call recordings for playback is controlled through permissions security.

The Voice-Net call recorder feautres provide secure PCI DSS compliance that is cost effective, robust, easy to install and operate. You can read more about how our systems comply with the regulations online. Smartcall Voice-Net call recorders provide cost effective, robust, easy to install and operate PCI DSS compliant call recording.

Why choose Smartcall?

Advanced Call Recording solutions such as the Smartcall Call Recording software suite provide tools that allow access to Call Recordings to be administered and controlled centrally. Control over what Call Recordings can be played is set for individual user, making it easy to restrict access to sensitive Call Recordings.

For example, a Call Recording of conversations by the accounts department might only be accessed by Senior Finance staff. Solutions like the Smartcall Call Recorder provide a password hierarchy that allows individuals to only have access to the specific Call Recorder features and tools their role requires. Data security is vital to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act. Call Recording systems provide encryption of the Call Recording file. Our Call Recorders provide 256 bit Encryption and Tamper proofing to ensure Call Recordings cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel.

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Smartcall Voice-Net call recording solutions are widely used across all business and local government sectors. Don’t let the need to take payments over the phone be a reason for your business missing out on the huge benefits of call recording.

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