In call centres and especially in financial businesses it is necessary for calls to be recorded, not only for compliance but for training. Card details are classed as sensitive information, and it is a violation of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) to record and store the CCV security code of the card.

Many companies are currently using call recording systems which aren’t PCI Compliant without the knowledge of any wrong doing. These companies are at serious risk of not only heavy fines but also being targeting for data theft. Here at Smartcall we can help your business or call centre keep compliant with PCI DDS.

PCI DSS Call Recording Software

To ensure compliance is met, there are a number of ways that calls can still be recorded without recording the sensitive card details. Smartcall provide various solutions which can be suited to your business and which meet the PCI DSS compliance rules.

Voice-Net recorders from Smartcall incorporate a range of features to ‘mute’ recording while card details are being taken. Our systems are compatible with existing telephony systems (LINK TO COMPATIBILITY PAGE). Features include:

  • Automated Active Window mute which requires no action from the operator.
  • A ‘Recorder Control’ toolbar on screen so recordings can be manually paused.
  • DTMF tone based pause/resume function.

The software includes the recording status displayed on the Agents screen. The indicator shows when the call is being recorded and changes during muting. Muted recordings are easily identified in the OneView search and replay tool. Find out more about PCI DSS compliant call recording software.

Implementing PCI DSS compliant call recording solutions requires thought and planning to ensure that the call recording system delivers in your specific business and IT environments. Smartcall PCI DSS compliant call recording solutions are deployed in a wide range of business types and can record conversation and calls on all leading telephony platforms.

Compliant call recording software

Call recording software from Smartcall can be used in any business from 5 people to 5,000, all our software is completely scalable and tailored to your needs. For more information on our call recording software, you can contact Smartcall online.

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