Smartcall has an extensive range of call recording products that are essential pieces of technology for a variety of companies. We understand that each business has different needs and requirements, and our aim is to provide our clients with a call recording solution that best suits them. 

Call recording systems from Smartcall


Call recordings are often used for training purposes, which you’ll often hear announced when listening to an automated voice.

Such training purposes range from the emergency services, to small businesses as well as large blue chip companies. Being able to use real-life calls for training purposes will help the company or local authority give the best service possible.

Tracking Performance (KPI’s)

Call recording software will work as a key performance indicator (KPI) and evaluate their performance in regards to customer satisfaction and the company’s overall service.

The ability to track performance will ultimately enable the company to improve, and means that the company’s progress can be tracked over a certain period of time.

Call recording software will also give the company the ability to offer customers the opportunity to give feedback and reviews over the phone.

Quality Control

Recording software can also help you keep an eye what is going on from a technical standpoint. A company or service provider will be able to hear if there is any interference with the phone service and improve on any quality assurance issues.

Protection for the Company

Recording calls can offer protection for a company, particularly where an unfair or false allegation is made against a member of staff. It will also ensure the service provided by all the staff is carried out in a manner that suits the company’s values.

If legal action is taken, a recorded call may act as evidence. Ultimately, having calls recorded on a system is beneficial to a range of companies, whatever the business’ purpose.

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