Inbound contact centres can receive hundreds or even thousands of calls a day, and it is crucial to be able to listen back to these calls for many reasons. Smartcall provides highly compatible, user friendly call recording solutions, supporting your employees and customers and allowing your business to thrive.

The importance of recording calls

Call recording can be crucial when it comes to training customer representatives. Contact centre supervisors can monitor calls and help employees to understand key areas of improvement. Examples of successful calls can also be used in training sessions.

During every phone call, a customer services representative has a lot of multitasking to do. Whilst inputting information, pulling up details and simultaneously taking notes, crucial data can be missed. The ability to play back calls ensures that the missed information can be easily obtained without necessarily having to call the customer back.

A voice recording can serve as a verbal contract, and can provide proof when resolving customer disputes. Recorded evidence stands up in court and will ensure that the reputation of your company is protected.

Smartcall’s advanced call recording technology

Smartcall supplies VoIP/SIP call recording software specifically designed for businesses that use generic telephony. Our system is easy to install and works across both premise and cloud based telephony equipment. The software is suitable for anywhere between 5 and 500 users across a multitude of sites, and saves the recordings to a centralised archive.

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