VoIP/SIP telephone recording is a method of call recording, also referred to as voice logging, and is used by a range of call centres, as well as other businesses.

VoIP is a recording system that allows businesses to review their service and make positive improvements. Discover the wide range of benefits of VoIP/SIP recording systems from Smartcall. 

VoIP/SIP Telephone Recording from Smartcall

VoIP, or SIP telephone recording offers numerous advantages. Not only does it provide evidence for companies in any case of a lawsuit, it also ensures companies are compliant with industry laws.

What’s more, VoIP telephone recording offers benefits in regards to employee training, as well as in terms of ensuring customer satisfaction etc.

The VoIP or SIP telephone recording systems from Smartcall operate on an extremely professional level and allows businesses to privately store, and archive recorded calls.

Smartcall can provide a telephony system to cater from 5 users to 500 users! Therefore, no matter what the size of your company, we can provide you with a suitable telephony system.

Our call recording software is easy to install and maintain, therefore should not provide your business with any unnecessary hassle. Ultimately, we create first-class call recording products to ensure a professional service for many businesses.

SIP Call Recording from Smartcall

Smartcall’s SIP call recording equipment works from the cloud or on customer premises. Not only is our call recording extremely high-quality, and reliable, it can operate across the whole enterprise for maximum efficiency.

Although our SIP call recording equipment seems like a complex product when you are not used to working with call recording solutions, it is actually straightforward to operate and can be integrated with your normal router.

Call Integration from Smartcall

Smartcall provide integrated call recording systems which are hugely advantageous for many businesses, providing high-level tools for CRM integration.

What’s more, it is simple to complete integration easily with our products, as there is no need for complex project development. In addition, you can playback your recorded calls straight from your CRM system for ultimate efficiency and reliability.  

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We are proud of our efficient and reliable call recording products that offer FCA & PCI DSS compliancy, CRM integration and VoIP, trunk and mobile recording.

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