Many Retail organisations rely heavily on Telephone interaction to support their business activities. Examples include appointment making, customer service requests and order taking. In many cases a verbal agreement is reached and is often never confirmed in writing.

SMARTCALL Call Recording is used in the Retail sector as a reliable means of verification and occasionally disputing resolution. To enable recordings to be used easily and efficiently they must be easy to locate, replay and share with others.

SMARTCALL OneView is an easy-to-use intuitive search and replay tool that allows call recordings to to found and replayed from anywhere on the network. Finding recordings is most efficient when the call recording is stored with additional business data that has been captured at the agents’ desktop or from the CRM or Business application that they were using. SMARTCALL DataLink provides a full range of tools for Data Capture (tagging.)

Examples of Call Recording Solutions in the Retail sector

Appointment verification – in Call Centre environments where agents are incentivized to make appointments, Call Recording can reduce the number of “unqualified appointments.” Call Recordings are tagged to indicate an appointment was made. Using SMARTCALL Assessor, the specific recordings can be found, automatically allocated to a “listener or Assessor” to be reviewed and scored against pre-agreed qualification criteria. Only those that pass are then allocated to sale staff to ensure that their time is maximised.

Customer Service – all customer contact is valuable. In many Retail organisations, Customer Service gathers vital information that can be easily shared across the business if calls are recorded. A customer complaint, for example, can easily be identified in the call recording system if business data is captured. The recording can then be shared with others in the business through secure email. Using SMARTCALL OneView, recordings can be emailed as a link that can only be accessed by personnel with the appropriate permissions to listen to that specific call.

Order Verification – Retail businesses that sell over the telephone use call recording as a means of order verification at two levels. The first level is to explain to the customer that they are going to read out their order and any associated terms and ask the customer to verbally agree that they are correct. This ensures the customer is conscious of their action and provides the Retailer with evidence should a subsequent dispute arise. The second level allows others in the business to identify recordings marked as “order,” for example, and listen to them to confirm that the content is correct and that the order is valid. SMARTCALL OneView has features that visually confirm that a recording has been replayed and by whom, making the order confirmation process efficient and secure.

SMARTCALL Call Recording solutions are used in the Retail sector to improve operations, reduce costs and risk providing an excellent return on investment.

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