When it comes to finding their call recordings, Smartcall Voice-Net users have it easy. With the widest range of search criteria available in both quick searches or on a single intuitive browser page.

Every Smartcall Voice-Net Call Recorder comes with OneView search and replay as standard and has full support for the optional Quality Monitoring and Agent Assessment application.

The Benefits of OneView for your business

To ensure access from any PC on your network, Smartcall OneView runs in a browser and is the primary user interface allowing call recordings.

Smartcall OneView has a host of efficiency aids designed to make life easy for all users including those with compliance stipulations that mandate the monitoring of recording content. For example, all searches can return random samples to ensure equitable monitoring and public and saved searches ensure that routine searches can be easily repeated.

OneView uses Roles Based Security to apply restrictions to the replay of recordings ensuring that users can only replay the recordings that they are authorised to listen too. Individual restrictions can be easily set by the Administrator on a per-user basis and an Audit Trail logs user and administrator activities.

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